safety slides for bowfishing??

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safety slides for bowfishing??

Postby MichaelSmith » Mon May 21, 2018 7:13 am


Does anyone use safety slides on their arrows for bowfishing? I have tryed useing these arrows and I have had problems with the slide busting. I shoot an old power mac bow and I have reel on it instead of one of the bottle most people shoot. I am pulling back about 35 pounds also. Everytime I shoot one of those safety slide arrows, as soon as the slide part hit the piece by the nock, the safety slide busts. I have always tied my line to the back of the arrow and have never encountered any safety issues (knock on wood). I have even talked with some pros (and guys from Back Water Bowfishing) and they say if you shoot a reel its ok to tie to the back of the arrow, and the safety slide arrow is usually used for people who use the bottle type rig. Just wondering how yall have ur rigs set up?

Please help.

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